“Super Star Wish” by Arun Govada

"Super Star Wish" by Arun Govada

Jason, the producer invited to the recording session. I didn’t know Arun at the time, but Jason told me his friend was recording vocals for a new song. I showed up about an hour into the session, and really liked what I heard. I asked Arun if I could beef up the arrangement a little, and he said yes. The rest is history. After a few weeks of back and forth conversation between Boston and China, here’s the final product. “Super Star Wish” by Arun Govada.

Time to talk a little more about how the song was arranged and the challenges we faced. The first incarnation of “Super Star Wish” was a scratch track completely done by Arun in GarageBand. After using it to help us record vocals, we tossed it in the trash and started working on a fuller sounding arrangement. By this time, Arun was back in China. This meant we had to deal with a twelve hour time difference. It was extremely inconvenient and at times, considering everyone involved had to go to school or work.

The arrangements were created at my home studio, where I recorded bass (Jason Smith) and guitar (Colin DeVarney). The rest was sequenced on my Yamaha Motif XF8. We ended up going through three different arrangements before settling on this one. Mixing the track took another few days. A lot of the back and forth conversation took place after 2 a.m. EST. I had no trouble staying awake because I was genuinely excited for this. Arun received a new bounce from me everyday – sometimes multiple versions per day (Thank you, DropBox). The final track was completed on March 19, 2013. Stay tuned for more collaboration in the future!

Purchase “Super Star Wish” from iTunes, BandCamp, or Google Play.

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