Brad Edward Wolfe (@707bwolf):

The 2 faces of @BrianLi.comBL (Brian Li) I’m sure he will delete this link

Posts on Steemit are recorded on the blockchain and cannot be deleted. Everyone who is even semi-knowledgable about blockchain knows this.

Busted. A year ago he says that the mint token function is in the whitepaper and totally valid. Today he says it wasnt in the whitepaper and smells of exit scam. Be careful what you listen to. Theres an obvious agenda here by him.

Yup, this was posted before Substratum committed to removing the mint function. The whitepaper explains the mint function was to be used to tame network capacity, though I’m not quite sure what that means.

Here he gives a great example of why we need Amplify and Cryptopay. Boy this guy was ahead of his time. Wait…now he says Amplify is unnecessary..hmmm

This post was written when I still believed the Substratum team had 100% good intentions. Since then, the team has shown a distinct lack of vision, direction, and execution. There is nothing wrong with changing my mind on a topic over time.

His comments about Sub fabricating the amount of lines of code merged in github is itself a lie

I was merely pointing out the fact that using third-party code to inflate public perspective is disingenuous. Most of Substratum’s community are non-technical, and many have been led to believe that the Substratum team actually wrote over two million lines of code.

I really dont like going this route but at this point he is running a full fledged smear campaign full of lies and misleading alot of people

What FUD campaign? You mean all the TRUTHS about Substratum?

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