ICON recently released an updated development roadmap.

  • I like the new milestone-based approach. The previous date-based approach introduced a level of expectation in the community that has hurt the project’s reputation from a PR perspective. By switching to a milestone-based model with regular monthly updates, the community will be able to observe month-to-month updates, which will hopefully result in productive conversation about the ICON’s progress.
  • The section in the roadmap about ICON’s decentralized identity service (DID) is interesting. In addition to DID integration in the ICONex wallet, there is also a milestone goal that reads “Launch DID based service with business partner.” I wonder if this has anything to do with more widespread usage of ICON’s CHAIN ID.
  • ICON is working on smart contract templates for both STOs (security token offerings) and stablecoins. I hope the team will reveal more about the stablecoin project in the coming months.

ICON fan for not, I highly recommend checking out the updated roadmap as well as the recently released IISS yellowpaper which details the network’s staking mechanism.

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