Will and I were recently invited on the CryptoBasic podcast again to talk about Substratum’s delisting from Binance. We had a ton of fun with Brent, so be sure to check it out when you have some time. The summary for the show is below.

Brian Li of BrianLi.com.Net and William McKenzie of getting attacked by Substratum fame are back on the show again since Substratum was recently delisted from Binance. We unpack their delisting, their assertions to each of the delisting points, and what it means to the crypto space. Brian and William are basically the boogeymen for the entire SUB community. They’ve been called everything from Chinese government shills to Russian spies. In the end, there is a massive intersection of the SUB community that blames these two individuals for their own shortcomings as a project. We discuss that as well in this episode.

Listen on iTunes and Spotify.

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