The platform uses a publish-subscribe architecture to allow the user (app or system) to subscribe to any event that occurs on the chain, and be notified immediately when it happens. In the case of MetrICX we are using Push notifications to let users know when they receive a deposit or receive rewards. The platform is evolving; it’s exciting! We are innovating as we go and are open to suggestions.

I’m happy to announce that our real-time notification system for ICON on-chain events is finally live! This has been a work in progress for the last two months, so I’m glad to see it deployed to production. Right now, we are using the new notification system to power push notifications for MetrICX.

Previously, notifications suffered a 1-5 minute lag due to the way the notification functionality queried the blockchain. With this new system, the notification lag has been reduced to 1-2 seconds – pretty much nonexistent.

In the future, we plan on opening up the notification service to the public via an easy to use API. With API access, developers will be able to generate webhooks to subscribe to notifications for specific on-chain events.

Stay tuned.

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