Check out this video from Griffin Matthews detailing his experiences working as a black artist on Broadway. I worked with Griffin and Matt Gould on Witness Uganda which later became Invisible Thread, and I still consider that show to be the most meaningful one I have ever worked on.

Hearing Griffin’s take on what happened behind closed doors is extremely surreal. When Witness Uganda was rebranded to Invisble Thread before premiering Off-Broadway, I felt like it wasn’t the same show anymore. I had a sneaking suspicion that the white folks in charge, mostly Diane Paulus (director), prioritized making the show “safer” for Broadway rather than conveying the true and raw story. I never asked Griffin or Matt about this – probably because I already knew it was true.

Anyway, Griffin’s video is insightful and provides a rare firsthand account of what Broadway’s racist nature. I hope things will change in the future.

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