Chromium Core Team:

Remove the ability to receive, keep in memory, and use HTTP/2 and gQUIC push streams sent by the server. Send SETTINGS_ENABLE_PUSH = 0 at the beginning of every HTTP/2 and gQUIC connection to request that servers not send them. Chrome currently supports handling push streams over HTTP/2 and gQUIC, and this intent is about removing support over both protocols. Chrome does not support push over HTTP/3 and adding support is not on the roadmap.

I have mixed feelings about this.

I use HTTP/2 Server Push on for the main CSS and JS files, and it definitely does have a positive impact on performance, especially for first-time visitors to my site. Before deciding to use Server Push, I benchmarked a few different configurations for my CSS and JS including inlining and preloading. In the end, HTTP/2 Server Push won out, albeit my a small margin, every time. Practically speaking, I guess this won’t affect me too much. Even though I do make use of HTTP/2 Server Push, this site still loads very quickly without it.

Firefox and Safari both support HTTP/2 push and we are not aware of any plans for removal.

For some reason I have a feeling HTTP/2 Server Push will be removed in Firefox and Safari if Chrome pushes ahead with the removal.

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