We were originally promised EOY 2020 for custom domains. In fact, the webpage for custom domains still says ”by the end of 2020”. It looks like that might not be happening?

An interesting thread about custom domain support for “HEY for You” (HEY’s personal email product). In a recent AMA, Basecamp CEO Jason Fried discussed the status of custom domain support for “HEY for You” and “HEY for Work”. One tidbit I found interesting was that only HEY for Work requires pointing MX records, while HEY for You doesn’t. This suggests that custom domain support for HEY for You is actually email aliasing instead of custom domain support.

If this is the case, it’s very upsetting. HEY for Work is more expensive than HEY for You, which is already expensive at $99/year. I can’t think of a single technical reason why custom domain support can’t be provided for a $99/year email service when ProtonMail and FastMail can do it at a much lower price point. I understand that Basecamp, and HEY by extension, is driven by opinionated product design, but the idea that custom domains are only necessary for work (HEY for Work) is absurd. In 2020, domain names are integral to our identities, and an email address with a custom domain is extremely personal.

I sincerely hope full custom domain support isn’t an upsell strategy for HEY. In 2020, custom domain support should be included with every paid email service. Google has it, Microsoft has it, ProtonMail has it, Fastmail has it, MX Route has it, etc. It’ll be a shame if HEY for You only ships with email aliasing. The more I hear about people’s experiences with HEY (after using it for six months and canceling it myself), the more it sounds like everyone is paying top dollar to be beta testers.

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