As I mentioned previously, I’m currently testing Cloudflare’s free web analytics service alongside Google Analytics. After a few days of gathering data, I have some good news to report. Initially, I was expecting Cloudflare’s numbers to be substantially higher than Google Analytics’ – this is a common issue I’ve seen on the Internet. Fortunately, my Google Analytics and Cloudflare Web Analytics numbers are very similar. This means I might be able to switch over to Cloudflare’s privacy-oriented service in the next few weeks.

  • For sessions, Cloudflare reported 14.23% more traffic.
  • For page views, Cloudflare reported 5.3% more traffic.

Analytics services are biased by design, so a 14.23% and 5.3% difference for sessions and page views, respectively, is reasonable for me. I’ll continue monitoring for a week or so. If the difference remains in this 5-15% range, I’ll switch off Google Analytics for good.