Ever since I moved my blog from WordPress to Hugo, I’ve consistently worked on improving the experience of publishing new posts and editing old content. I write on three devices – MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, and iPhone. In terms of percentage breakdowns, I’d say 95% of my writing is done on my MacBook Pro and 5% on my iPad Pro. I only use my iPhone for small edits if I notice an issue or mistake when I’m not close to the computer.

My publishing workflow on my MacBook Pro is pretty straightforward. I write in Nova, and push updates to GitHub – maybe I’ll write more about that later this week. For my mobile publishing workflow, I use an iPhone and iPad app called Working Copy. It’s an extremely well designed Git client that includes a text editor. With Working Copy, I can pull the latest changes to my site anytime, update content, and commit the update to GitHub in a single app. After a change is committed, GitHub builds the site and uploads it to Cloudflare Workers Sites.

Editing content with Working Copy on iOS.

Editing content with Working Copy on iOS.

The only “downside” is I currently don’t have a way of uploading images from my iPhone or iPad. I say “downside” in quotes because I don’t really see it as a huge issue. All the images I upload to this site go through some kind of manipulation process on my MacBook Pro anyway – whether that be editing in Lightroom, trimming in Photoshop, etc. Since I started blogging, I’ve never felt the need to directly upload an image from my iPhone or iPad. If that need were to arise in the future, I could probably code something to make it happen.

I keep a backup of my Hugo project, including images, in DropBox, so perhaps some bot that monitors my images folder and copies newly-uploaded images to Google Cloud Storage (where I host images) could work. This way, I could just upload images using the DropBox app for iPhone and iPad.

Anyway, if you’re using a static site generator and thinking about ways to improve your publishing workflow, I’d recommend checking out Working Copy as soon as possible. It’s the best Git client on iOS by far, and it’s the perfect solution for writing and editing your static site content on the go.