Matt Medeiros:

I’m just an average user trying to do average user things in Gutenberg.

Check out this video from Matt Medeiros depicting the Gutenberg editing experience in 2021. I use Gutenberg at work pretty often, and I’ve always found it exhausting to use. Not only does the user experience leave a lot (more than acceptable at this stage) to be desired, the editor is laggy as well.

I’ve used Gutenberg in Chrome, Brave, and Safari on a $5,000 16" MacBook Pro. Whether I’m scrolling, writing, or interacting with the UI, there’s always a noticeable degree of lag. If Gutenberg were to solve its responsiveness issue, the mental exhaustion associated with using it would disappear.

Anyway, back to this video. I think one of Gutenberg’s biggest problems is the trajectory of its features versus its user experience. The feature trajectory is progressing at a much faster rate, while the user experience trajectory is lagging behind. As a result, what we have now is a WordPress editor that is dysfunctional – and I mean that sincerely.

The goal of WordPress is to “democratize publishing” – that can’t happen until Gutenberg grows up into a fast, intuitive, and accessible editing experience.

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