A Response to ZeroNoncense’s Nonsense

June 23, 2019

Earlier today, I came across a series of defamatory statements written by James Edwards, also known as “ZeroNoncense” and “ProofOfResearch,” in the CryptoMedication Telegram channel. The statements revolved around Edwards’ conspiracy theories, and accused several people of being “compromised’ with “Binance and Bitmax/Torque Ventures dominat[ing] the IEO space unethically.” Quite frankly, I’m confused about why Edwards decided to throw my name onto his list of unethical IEO advertisers. I don’t invest in or talk about IEOs. Nevertheless, let’s take some time to go through Edwards’ outlandish claims.

As you can see in the screenshot below, Edwards has titled this Telegram message “Binance and Bitmax/Torque Ventures Have Dominated the IEO Space Unethically”. Following the title, Edwards writes, “Below are a list of influencers/groups/projects whom are compromised with them.” Finally, Edwards lists fifteen entities that are supposedly “compromised” with Binance and Bitmax/Torque Ventures. My name is listed as the seventh one – “$ICX (Brian Li and William)”. Since Edwards didn’t specify a last name for William, I’m guessing he’s referring to William McKenzie, a fellow blockchain enthusiast whom I’ve collaborated on a few personal projects with.

I won’t go into too much detail regarding Edwards’ accusations against me and William because there is simply nothing to get into.

Here are the facts.

  • I have no affiliation with Binance. I use Binance to trade occasionally, but this doesn’t mean I have am somehow affiliated with the exchange. In the spirit of full disclosure, I also use BitMEX, Liquid, and Coinbase Pro, and I am not affiliated with these exchanges either.
  • I have no affiliation with Bitmax/Torque Ventures. Actually, I had no idea who they were until Edwards mentioned it in his message.
  • I have never invested in an IEO.
  • I have never promoted an IEO.
  • I don’t know why Edwards added “$ICX” into his accusation. ICX has nothing to do with Binance IEOs, and William and I are not affiliated with ICON in any professional or manner. With that said, William and I support the ICON project, and we are campaigning to become a block producer on the network – a very common occurrence in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Our enthusiasm for ICON has nothing to do with Binance, Bitmax/Torque Ventures, or IEOs.

Here are my affiliations with the other entities mentioned by Edwards.

  • Sir Ishy – No affiliation.
  • CryptoArnie – No affiliation.
  • CryptoVigilante – I subscribe on Twitter and Telegram. No other affiliation.
  • AutisticDog – No affiliation.
  • Andre Cronje – No affiliation.
  • Administrator in @CryptoCodeReviews – No affiliation.
  • Matic/Celer Network/many more IEOs – I have not invested in any IEOs, but I’ve held swing trading positions in MATIC, CELR, and ONE. Over the past few years, I’ve held positions in dozens of coins. This does not mean I am affiliated with any of these projects.
  • Kristy-Leigh Minehan – No affiliation.
  • Wolf Crypto – I subscribe on Telegram. No other affiliation.
  • LTO Network – No affiliation.
  • KryptoLeaks and Anti-KryptoLeaks – No affiliation.
  • Warren Bailey – No affiliation.
  • Norwegian Confidential Group – No affiliation.
  • Crypto Walken – No affiliation.

As shown in the screenshot below, Edwards follows up the first message with another one that references “additional influencer[s]” who are “specifically positioned to give IEO/ICO advice/insight/guidance” and “are essentially full-time promoters of Binance/Huobi/Bitmax/Torque Ventures.”

As far as I know, there are definitely a few influencers on this list whose primary business model is “IEO/ICO” advice. Since Edwards references this secondary list of influencers as “additional influencers,” it suggests the entities from his first list are also “compromised” full-time promoters of Binance, Huobi, Bitmax, and Torque Ventures – this is the part I have a problem with. Shilling IEOs and ICOs is not my business model, and I do not spend any of my time promoting Binance, Huobi, Bitmax, or Torque Ventures.

At the end of his partially inaccurate stream of nonsense, Edwards shifts the conversation back to his brand ZeroNoncense.

Every single research document, price analysis, and crypto-related piece of information posted in the Zerononcense channel will be sourced by Zerononcense. If it is not, then Zerononcense will, at the very least, comb through the source (thoroughly) and, at the very least, provide a thorough summary of the source in question.

Cool. ZeroNoncense has a history of presenting well-researched material.

Zerononcense has revoked* its offers/partnerships with all entities, with the exception of two, which were found outside of this space. Zerononcense has deemed that this move would be most advantageous when considering the inherent threat of significantly degrading the content posted in this channel due to its association with other related entities.

Cool. It was only last week that James Edwards reached out to me, and asked if I was interested in being a writer on his website. I guess I’ll be receiving a message soon to “revoke” that offer.

Zerononcense is not currently paid or supported by any project/brand/company/entity in the crypto space.

Cool. I’m not currently paid by any project, brand, company, or entity in the crypto space either.

Zerononcense will retain the highest fidelity to authentic, independent research, information and insights – even at the sake of pissing off certain entities, losing opportunities, potential investors, citations, etc.

Cool. High quality research is a great thing.

Zerononcense directly and publicly called out the entities listed above to make it unequivocally clear that Zerononcense has absolutely no affiliation with these related entities.

Cool, but the process of calling out these entities makes no sense. The sentence right before this one talks about “high fidelity” research. Making accusations that are completely false doesn’t exactly scream “high fidelity” – it screams paranoid incompetence.

Many of these entities worked their way into the Zerononcense community in some facet and essentially manifested themselves as “plants”. Their goals was to distract and cause mayhem and they were successful at doing so for a brief period of time.

There you have it folks. I guess I was “planted” by the powers that be to distract James Edwards from fulfilling his destiny.


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