The Boss FS-5L and FS-5U are two popular foot switches for guitarists, keyboardists, and more. The FS-5L is a latching foot switch, while the FS-5U is an unlatching one. In this comparison post, you’ll learn about the differences between these two foot switches and which one to get for your setup.

Boss FS-5L

The Boss FS-5L is a latching foot switch. This means the foot switch will turn on when it’s pressed, and will stay on until it’s pressed again. The FS-5L has a red indicator light that illuminates when the foot switch is in the on position.

When to Use the FS-5L

  • Switching channels on an audio switcher like the Radial SW8.
  • Switching channels on a guitar amp.
  • Activating long term effects.

Boss FS-5U

The Boss FS-5U is an unlatching or momentary foot switch. This means the foot switch will stay on only when it’s pressed. Since the FS-5U is always off when it’s not pressed, it does not have an indicator light like the FS-5L.

When to Use the FS-5U

  • Advancing patches on a keyboard or keyboard rig.
  • Triggering a sound effect on a sampler.
  • Using a foot switch for tap tempo.
  • Sustain pedal for a keyboard.
  • Activating momentary effects.