The GXL2200 is the second-tier microphone in CAD’s series of GXL condenser microphones. It is a large diaphragm, side-address, cardioid microphone that offers a clear, present, and quality sound.

Sound Quality

The GXL 2200 has a frequency response of 30Hz-20kHz and the high sensitivity you would expect in a large diaphragm condenser. The microphone offers a quality sound for professional applications. It provides a primarily flat response, with some presence boost in the high frequencies. The microphone avoids any harshness that might occur as a result of this boost (as is common with other budget microphones). Aside from the added presence, the GXL2200 has a very accurate sound reproduction that is true to the original source.

Compared to more expensive condenser microphones, the GXL2200 is missing some of the desired airiness and sparkle. For the price, however, we couldn’t find much to complain about with the microphone’s clarity, detail and overall sound reproduction.

Features & Design

The CAD GXL2200’s design was inspired (inside and out) by the early European microphone manufacturers. It is a nice looking microphone that is reminiscent of many vintage models. Along with the shock mount, the microphone will look great in a home-studio; however, both the microphone and its accessories give us concerns regarding durability. The components of the microphone feel a bit loose, and the body showed some wear after a few months of use. I’m not confident the microphone would survive the drop if it came loose from a microphone stand (we didn’t want to risk testing it).

Likewise with the included shock mount, the elastic bands also wore down over a few months of use. While it hasn’t affected their performance yet, it is a concern. Otherwise, the included shock mount and soft case are convenient and work well.


The CAD GXL2200 suffers from some design flaws — however, these do little to affect the microphone’s performance and professional sound quality. The detail, clarity, and flat sound reproduction of the GXL2200 make it an excellent vocal and acoustic instrument microphone for its price.

We recommend the GXL2200 to any home or project studio looking for an affordable condenser microphone for vocals, acoustic guitar, strings or piano… Just try not to drop it!