The Dangers of P-Rep Reward Sharing in the ICON Ecosystem

August 29, 2019

Recently, there have been many discussions regarding P-Rep reward sharing in various ICON discussion channels. Specifically, ICONists are concerned about P-Rep teams offering high reward shares that augment the protocol-level rewards, in exchange for votes. In this post, we’ll discuss why P-Rep reward sharing and voter bribery are detrimental to the ICON ecosystem.

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Zerononcense Thinks Substratum “Deserves a Break From the Crypto Community”

August 18, 2019

Earlier today, James Edwards (a.k.a. Zerononcense, ProofOfResearch, CryptoMedication, etc.) released a statement titled “$SUB Deserves a Break From the Crypto Community” on his Telegram channel. Similar to Edwards’ previous inaccurate accusations regarding my affiliation with Torque Ventures (there is no affiliation in reality), his latest round of nonsense is also, unsurprisingly, littered with inaccuracies – once again, laughably ironic for someone who calls himself “ProofOfResearch”.

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Seoul Is Going All in on Blockchain

August 7, 2019

Earlier today, CoinDesk published an article that highlighted the upcoming establishment of Seoul’s “first blockchain-based administrative services” later this year in November. According to CoinDesk, “three priorities were set for completion by the November deadline” – a blockchain-based reward system that utilizes “S-Coin” for payments, a blockchain service for “submitting qualifications without paper documents,” and an enhancement of the ICONLOOP-designed blockchain-based citizen card to “enable digital authentication for the use of public services”.

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The RHIZOME Report – Episode 1 →

July 31, 2019

Check out the first episode of “The RHIZOME Report,” a podcast dedicated to providing coverage about the ICON ecosystem. In this episode, William McKenzie chats with ICX Station’s Scott Smiley and Daeki Lee about a variety of topics including P-Rep candidacy, ICON’s penalty system, working in a globally distributed company, and more.

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RHIZOME Offline EP6 –  ICON Fee 2.0, Min Kim Interview, and Pantera Capital Update →

July 21, 2019

Episode 6 of RHIZOME Offline. Topics include ICON’s Fee 2.0, an interview with Min Kim, and an update on Pantera Capital’s relationship with ICON.

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