Cloudways — WooCommerce Web Hosting with Varnish

January 16, 2015

Site speed is a huge factor when it comes to sales conversion, and an extra second of loading time can be the difference between a successful sale and an unsuccessful one. If your business has a WordPress site running on WooCommerce, it’s important to choose a web host with optimized servers. Many web hosts offer varnish caching, a HTTP accelerator that dramatically reduces load time.

Unfortunately, WooCommerce isn’t compatible with most Varnish configurations. Fortunately, Cloudways offers a WordPress hosting package that supports Varnish caching with WooCommerce. What this means is you can now host your e-commerce business with one of the best managed cloud hosting services in the world AND experience blazing speeds with WooCommerce. Best of all, you’ll probably see your sales conversions go up.

Today, I migrated one of my WooCommerce stores over to Cloudways for a 14 day free trial. I used the Duplicator WordPress plugin, but Cloudways also offers a free migration service if that’s something you want. Since this particular site is still in development, I can’t say much about how Cloudways handles high traffic and spikes. What I did experience was an obvious performance boost. The most dramatic change was the responsiveness of my WooCommerce shop page. Best of all, my monthly bill for web hosting is now 50% less than what it was before. Better performance for less money is an amazing thing.

Cloudways claims their Varnish implementation can speed up your WooCommerce store by 100%. I’m not sure if these numbers are accurate, and I don’t think it’s necessary to go and challenge this claim with tests. I’m more than happy with the obvious performance boost I’ve experienced while browsing the site. If you’re serious about sales conversions of your WooCommerce store, you should definitely consider hosting your site on Cloudways. They’re a managed web host, which means they’ll take care of things like updating the WordPress core and ensuring your site is secure from hackers. This means you can focus on your customers without having to put on your IT hat.

Cloudways hosting packages start at just $5/month, though I do recommend the $15/month plan for small WooCommerce stores. For larger stores, the $30/month is a better option as it comes with 2 GB of RAM. Cloudways is totally scaleable, which means you can upgrade your resources as needed.

Sign up for a 14 day free trial today, and see why Cloudways is the best web host for WooCommerce stores.


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