How to Disable Disqus Text Comment List During Loading

January 7, 2015

By default, the Disqus comment system loads a list of comments in plaintext before the complete interface is loaded. This is done because some search engines (e.g. Yahoo!) don’t index Disqus comments in their native interface. Fortunately, Google does index Disqus comments. If you don’t need your blog comments to be crawled and indexed by Yahoo, here’s how you can get rid of the initial comment list on your WordPress site. I’ve done this on my blog because I find it to be more aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Go to the Disqus plugin settings menu.
  2. Under the Sync, check the box next to
  • Disable server-side rendering of
  • comments.

Now if you refresh any post with comments, you’ll no longer see the text comment list.


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