How to Quit Ableton Live Via AppleScript

October 12, 2015

I recently designed an Ableton playback rig for a show, which involved two identical computers running in tandem. To facilitate the rig’s shutdown process, I created an Automator workflow that could be triggered by an action in Apple MainStage. The workflow closed all applications and initiated a shutdown command via AppleScript.
While MainStage can be easily closed with an Automator action set to ignore dialog popups, the same can’t be said for Ableton Live. Here’s the code I used to close Ableton Live without saving any changes. 3 brings Ableton Live forward as the active process. Next, Line 4 simulates pressing Cmd+Q on the keyboard. Lines 6 – 8 simulates two presses of the left arrow key, and Line 10 simulates one press of the return/enter key. Note that this AppleScript works even if a dialog box prompting to save changes doesn’t pop up.
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