How to Route Kontakt to Multiple Outputs in Ableton Live

April 14, 2017

Learn how to route Kontakt to multiple outputs in Ableton Live.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to route Kontakt instruments to multiple outputs in Ableton Live.
In the screenshot below, I’ve created an instance of Kontakt in Ableton Live with four sample libraries — Alicias Keys, String Ensemble Essential, Session Horns Pro, and Scarbee Jay-Bass. In Kontakt’s default configuration, all four libraries are routed to Output 1 – 2.
How can we change the routing to the following?

  • Unused: Output 1 – 2
  • Alicias Keys: Output 3 – 4
  • String Ensemble Essential: Output 5 – 6
  • Session Horns Pro: Output 7 – 8
  • Scarbee Jay Bass: Output 9

First, we have to change Kontakt’s default output routing from 2xStereo and 1×5.1Surround to 4xStereo and 1xMono. Click on the + button next to Outputs to bring up the output configuration window.
Use the settings below to delete the existing output configuration, and add three stereo outputs. Make sure you map Soundcard/Host Output to st.1 [1], and select Ascending Output Assignment.

In the screenshot below, you can see the three stereo outputs.
Next, we have to create one mono output for Scarbee Jay-Bass. Click on the + button again to bring up the output configuration window. Use the settings below to create one mono channel. Since we want to use Output 9 for the mono channel, select the ninth option in the Soundcard/Host Output dropdown — surr 5.1 [5]. This time, we’re only adding a channel, so don’t delete the existing channels.

Now, you should see three stereo outputs and one mono output.Next, change the output of each library to the desired output.
Next create four audio channels. Set Audio From to 1-Kontakt (or whatever Kontakt instance you’re working on), and set Monitor to In.
You should know be able to hear each instrument on its own channel. Finally, you can use each audio track’s Audio To setting to route an instrument to its own physical output.
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