Huobi Chain — Why You Should Vote & Who to Vote For

July 23, 2018

Over the next 18 months, Huobi Global will be working on the development of Huobi Chain, its upcoming public blockchain platform offering smart contract support, financial value exchange, fundraising capabilities, securitization, and more. Huobi Chain will operate as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), and HT (Huobi Token) will provide liquidity, gas, and voting power determination token on the blockchain.

Huobi Chain’s development plan will be split into four phases.

  1. Recruitment & Preliminary Election (3 months)
  2. Technical Application (9 months)
  3. Test-Ecology (4 months)
  4. Mainnet Release & Token Swap (2 months)

Huobi Global is currently in the initial recruitment phase for Huobi Chain, and they are in the process of selecting a superhero project lead through a voting process. Potential candidates should have experience in blockchain development, large-scale systems architecture, and managing large R&D teams. Once elected, the superhero will work to create an active and cohesive Huobi Chain ecological community, promote innovation of public blockchain technology, and improve the reputation and influence of Huobi Global in the blockchain industry. Lastly, the superhero and his or her team will be in charge of designing the incentive program to distribute 30 million HT to promote development on the Huobi Chain platform.

Voting for Your Huobi Superhero

As a Huobi community member and HT holder, you have the power to cast a vote for your candidate of choice on Huobi’s official voting page. If you’re a newcomer who needs to acquire HT, you can do by signing up for the Huobi Pro exchange. Please note you will not lose any HT by participating in the voting process, as the HT will be returned to you within 24 hours after casting your vote. To incentivize voting, Huobi has teamed up with a few sponsors to offer GNX, LBA, MDS, SSP, TOS, and YCC airdrops to voters.
The voting process is comprised of three rounds.

  1. The first round will last from July 20 to August 20.
  2. The second round will consist of the Top 30 candidates from the first round and will last from August 21 to September 12.
  3. The third round will consist of the Top 5 candidates from the second round and will last from September 13 to September 28, culminating in a live-streamed debate between the top candidates.

The Huobi superhero candidates are some of the most established names in the blockchain industry, and two of my favorite candidates are Liu Wei, VP & Chairman of 360 Finance and Xinshu Dong, CEO of Zilliqua.

Who is Liu Wei?

Liu Wei is the Vice President & Chairman of 360 Finance, a subsidiary of Qihoo360, one of China’s leading cybersecurity firms. 360 Finance has recently formed a partnership with China-based QTUM to establish the country’s first commercial blockchain research center. With his extensive experience in finance and connections in the blockchain industry, Liu Wei is an excellent candidate to become Huobi’s Superhero. He is currently #1 in the ranking list with 45,421,774 votes.

Who is Xinshu Dong?

Xinshu Dong is the CEO of Zilliqua, a Singapore-based company focusing on creating a truly high-throughput blockchain DApp platform. Over the past year, Zilliqua has become one of the most promising projects in the blockchain industry, and Xinshu Dong has shown he is more than capable of running a world-class team of blockchain developers. He is currently #24 in the ranking list with 1,452,087 votes.


Huobi Global is a significant player in the blockchain industry, and Huobi Chain will undoubtedly be a technological success in the long run. With an upfront investment of 30 million HT, Huobi is looking to position themselves as a leader in the space. As a community member, it’s important to do your part and participate in the voting process. If you have HT, visit the voting page to cast your vote. If you don’t have HT, head over to the Huobi Pro to acquire tokens to vote.

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