Yesterday, we announced ICON CORE, a project that we are developing with fellow P-Reps UBIK Capital, ICONation, and Sharpn. The purpose of ICON CORE is to serve as an educational and inspirational resource for any developer who wants to build on ICON.

In its current state, ICON’s developer community is still a work in progress. The official ICON developer portal has basic documentation for the four main SDKs - Python, Javascript, Java, and Swift.

ICON CORE is not an effort to rewrite and recycle SDK documentation - that’s useless. With ICON CORE we are focusing on developing and documenting mini projects that utilize the ICON blockchain in creative ways. Taking it one step further, our goal is to build these projects in all support languages.

ICON CORE’s use case is obvious. Imagine you are a Swift developer who is interested in blockchain. You come across a ICON tutorial written for Python developers. You see that ICON has a Swift SDK, but there isn’t any supplemental material that helps you ease into the development process. This is a point of friction which ICON CORE aims to solve. By minimizing the friction of the developer onboarding process, we can maximize the chance of developers sticking around to build on the ICON platform.