Joseph Young shills Bitcoin at $3,000 →

November 25, 2018

Joseph Young:

Bitcoin at $3k
Ethereum at $100

This opportunity doesn’t come often. If you missed out in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, now’s the time

I’ve read plenty of Joseph’s writing on CCN, CoinTelegraph, etc. I think he’s heavily biased in favor of cryptocurrencies, but manages to do a good job in toning down his bullishness for his published content. Twitter is another story, and tweets like this one really make me question Young’s underlying intentions. My point is simple. He has nearly 100,000 followers, most of whom are likely financially REKT, partly due to his influential “buy the dip” shilling since Bitcoin dropped to $19,000. At this point, people have lost homes. Others have ruined family relationships. Some are likely contemplating suicide. Joseph, is now really “the time” to tweet this permabullshit?


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