Earlier today, I hosted my first Kinsta webinar – “How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site”. All things considered, I think it went pretty well. I was very nervous before the webinar started, but it all went away after I got through a few slides. The feeling reminded me of how I used to feel before piano recitals. I eventually got over performance anxiety before music performances, so I’m sure it’ll go away for webinars after I get a few more under my belt.

For this webinar, I had a pretty elaborate setup.

  • I used three displays – built-in MacBook Pro monitor, an external monitor via HDMI, and an iPad Pro via Sidecar. I used Keynote to give the presentation, so the built-in monitor displayed my presenter notes. The external monitor displayed the actual presentation, and I configured Zoom to share that display. Lastly, the iPad was used to display the Zoom video and Q&A windows. There wasn’t really a way around using three displays because Keynote’s presentation mode is very hungry for screen real estate.
  • I wanted to get good sound without using a software processor, which would add latency to the audio feed. To achieve this, I used a few DSP-powered plugins with my UAD Arrow audio interface. I ran my Electro-Voice RE-20 microphone through the API Vision and Teletronix LA-2A plugins. The API Vision is really great for webinar and podcast-style audio because it has a built-in gate, compressor, and EQ – the gate is especially useful because I used it to cut out noise under -40 dB, which made the signal super clean. Next, I added ~3dB of compression and a little sweetener EQ. Finally, the audio was routed through the LA-2A emulation which took an additional 6-8dB off the peaks. The result was a very uniform waveform that still retained some dynamics – suitable for broadcast purposes.
The audio waveform for today's webinar.
A pretty good-looking waveform for a live broadcast.

If you’re interested in WordPress performance and missed today’s webinar, the video will be uploaded here shortly.