My New Home

Since I quit my job last November, I’ve been searching for a new home - both physically and digitally. As of last week (it’s now May), I signed a lease for an apartment in Tokyo. Now I think I’ve finally figured out how to structure my online footprint.

I enjoy writing about a variety of topics including travel, photography, music technology, and most recently blockchain and cryptocurrency. In the past, I kept all my writing under one umbrella - When I started taking blogging a little more seriously at the beginning of this year, I realized this strategy was unsustainable. Logistically, only having to manage one blog was great for me, but I knew the experience of reading my blog was confusing for my readers.

The first step I took was moving all of my music technology content to 441K. I decided to use a Medium publication with a custom domain for this particular blog. Affiliate marketing is my only monetization strategy for 441K, so I didn’t have to worry about injecting custom HTML and JS for displaying ads. Also, I like Medium’s editor and general ease of use.

Next, I partnered with my close friend Jeff Marder and created a travel blog called IKIMASHOU!. We had spoken in the past about documenting our travels online, so this seemed like a good time to start doing just that. In my mind, travel and photography go hand in hand, so most of my content on there can be described as “photo essays”. For IKIMASHOU!, I decided to use WordPress in case we want to explore using display ads and other custom marketing funnels for monetization in the future.

Most recently, blockchain and cryptocurrency have peaked my interest. I am no expert in the mathematics behind cryptography and token economics, but I enjoy researching the latest blockchain projects and sharing my thoughts about them. Thus, I’ve created yet another publication on Medium called decrypto.

Lastly, I still had to find an online home for I toyed with the idea of using a simple page, but I soon realized I wanted a place to share random thoughts and interesting links. Svbtle is the perfect platform for just that, so here I am.

I can’t believe all this took half a year to figure out, but I’m glad I can finally start focusing on writing.


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