People still want to work in crypto and blockchain →

November 18, 2018


According to figures provided to CoinDesk from one of the largest jobs sites,, searches for roles involving bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency dropped by 3.06 percent from October 2017 to October 2018. Meanwhile, employer interest in such jobs – that is, the number of job postings – increased by 25.49 percent over the same period.

I wonder how many of those job postings are for real positions with real compensation. A quick glance at reveals that many blockchain projects are still offering compensation in the form of “% of ICO funds raised,” “profit sharing,” “XYZ token,” or just “competitive”.

Also, there is a distinct lack of ethical behavior when it comes to financial compensation in this industry. I’ve experienced this myself with a previous employer that was consistently 2-3 weeks late with my paycheck. In another job, the compensation was pegged to the company’s token instead of a more stable asset like BTC or a stablecoin. This in itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the employer refused to recalculate compensation during the bear market. Do you think contractors are going to put out the same quality of work when their compensation is no 95% lower in value? I don’t think so.


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