I co-host three podcasts – CONNECTED, TezTalks Radio, and Various Artists. Check them out below, and reach out if you have any questions!


CONNECTED is a conversation about the latest consumer technology trends and products by Brian Li and Jason Smith. Brian is a writer, podcaster, and former electronic music designer for Broadway shows, and Jason is a jazz musician and sound engineer based in New York City.

Listen to the latest episode of CONNECTED below.

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Hosted by Brian Li and Jason Smith

TezTalks Radio

TezTalks Radio is a weekly podcast that covers the latest news and developments in the Tezos ecosystem.

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Hosted by Brian Li and William McKenzie.
Sponsored by Tezos Commons

Various Artists

Various Artists is a seemingly endless stream of conversation between two creatives. Brian is an ex-Broadway keyboard programmer who escaped to Tokyo to do something else. Garret is an accomplished music director who is currently leading the national tour of the smash hit musical Dear Evan Hansen.

Listen to the latest episode of Various Artists below.

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Hosted by Brian Li and Garret Healey