Programming “Little Shop of Horrors”

May 24, 2013

I just finished programming both keyboard books for a local production of Little Shop of Horrors earlier today, and wanted to share a few thoughts.There are only six patches in Keys 1, and most of them involve acoustic piano. I bought Ivory II not too long ago, and will be using the Yamaha C7 preset for this show — really excited about that because I haven’t gotten a chance to use it live before. For the Rhodes and Wurlitzer patches, I’m using Scarbee R.S.P. ’73 and EVP88, respectively. I also have a on/off switch for the onboard sounds on my Yamaha CP33 in case MainStage crashes.The Keys 2 book was originally programmed on Roland gear — my best guess would be JV-1080 or XV-5080. The patches reference specific preset patches — some included with the hardware units, and others from the SR-JV80-08 expansion board. I toyed with the idea of purchasing an XV-5080 and the corresponding expansion board needed for the show. Instead, I ended up recreating the sounds in MainStage with EVP88 and EVB3.Rehearsals start next weekend! Very excited.


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