I was browsing Reddit earlier today, and came across this thread about alien encounters. I’m a firm believer in extraterrestrial life. The universe is mind-numbingly huge, and the idea of intelligent life outside Earth isn’t crazy to me. Anyway, this thread was very interesting to me because I experienced something very similar to a few of the commenters.

Here’s the story.

A little over a decade ago on a beautiful afternoon, I was in my house in Wakefield, MA. My brother and cousin were also there. I don’t recall what we were doing, but I’m assuming we were either watching a movie or playing video games. All of a sudden, I felt really scared — a sense of impending doom. I looked at my brother and cousin, and they had the same look in their eyes. We weren’t sure what was happening, but we collectively looked out the window. There it was, a HUGE triangular spacecraft with white and red lights flew by right above our house. It was COMPLETELY silent, and was unmistakably otherworldly.

The three of us sprinted outside, but the aircraft was gone. What we did feel was a strange sense of heat and a lot of static electricity in the air. It was so hot and dense, but nothing smelled like it was burning. The heat dissipated pretty quickly, and life resumed. I’ve never experienced anything like it since.

Let’s pause here for a minute.

Read these comments from the Reddit thread. I’ve bolded the important parts.

Comment #1

About two years ago I was in Naples Florida with my friend, staying at his dad’s place. We were on the porch having a smoke around 11pm. I was leaning on the railing when suddenly what I though was a plane in the distance turned towards us. It was flying so low that the front lights blinded us. My friend scrambled for his phone which turned out to be dead, and I, fearing I would miss it, didn’t want to run inside to grab my phone. Though the craft was steadily gliding, it was all happening so fast. As the object got closer we noticed it was a huge triangle, almost venti black, and had three huge circular lights on the bottom. It was so close, just above the trees right in front of the building. It was so silent. The only thing making sound was the trees rustling blow the craft.** Then the huge black triangle mother fucker turned on a DIME right In front of us and disappeared over the tops of the buildings. I swear to god this happened, I wouldn’t have believed what I saw if I didn’t see it with someone else.**

Comment #2

I came here to post something and when I saw your link, that is nearly identical to what I saw when I was in elementary school. I was maybe 11 or 12 and we would always play hide and seek at night around neighboring houses with friends. It was a crystal clear sky and I was hiding in bushes up next to my friends house when a black triangle, with teal blue lights hovered slowly above me, much lower than an airplane.** Hard to say how high, but it was almost gliding. It was also more elongated, like a star destroyer shape from Star Wars. Of course I told my friends, but none of them believed me. Not really spoken about it much since.**

Comment #3

First time reddit post. Had to comment on this since I also had an up close encounter with Triangular UFO like UserNo800.** I saw virtually the same thing in MS about 20 years ago but got a lot closer look. Sister and I were driving down road in back woods to her friends grandmother’s house. Side story not important, but essentially we were driving on roads surrounded by pine trees, and every now again cow pastures. It was after 9 pm, may have been later, dark outside. I wanted to be a pilot at the time and consumed all aviation research I could get my hands on, simulators, home study kits for pilot licensing, etc…**** We are driving down road and I see low flying plane in distance maybe 1-2 miles in front of us just topping the trees. We are moving approximately 40 — 50 mph. As we start getting closer I realize the craft (only lights visible at this point) is moving way to slow and is likely to stall and crash at any moment. Then I realize it is not falling and is moving at a steady rate with trajectory to cross the road and we are heading right for it.**** My sister is driving at time, she is 18. I’m 15. As we approach it is steady moving right above tree tops at maybe 5mph or slower. Windows are down. No sound at all. No wind blow back on tops of trees. She stops the car as not to directly drive under its path. We look up through wind shield while seated as it starts to come over the trees above the road in front of us. It is about 30 — 40 yards up and maybe another 15 yards in front of us. I am a curious skeptic so it was my plan to follow the mystery object on foot. I open the door and step out to get a good look as this AWESOME (in the original jaw dropping sense of the word) craft floats across the road in front of us.** Object description. Equilateral triangle, approximately 40-50 ft on each side, rounded corners. 5 lights all round. 3 of the lights were large, 3 ft diameter or so and were at each corner. The other 2 lights were right next to one of the larger lights in line with the 2 larger lights on opposite corners. They were maybe 2-3ft from the large light and I’m guessing 6in in diameter. The lights were glowing white, but not emitting a visible light like you’d expect from a standard light. Think bright light inside of an opaque plastic white ball, but cleaner and dimmer. The moon was out and it was bright as well, so if there was any kind of faint lighting coming from any of the lights, it would have been masked. I did not perceive any. Also the two small lights were a slightly different hue of white. That could have also been my perception lying to me when contrasting the small lights agaisnt the larger one nearest (don’t know). Anyway I could not tell how tall the craft was because we were to close to being underneath it. I can tell you it was massive, made no sound, and was not using any kind of propulsion that utilizes wind. No disturbance in trees. Just eerie silence as it floated slowly. ****** So back to me getting out of car. I tell sis I’m going to follow it. She barrels through the front seat and grabs my wrist through my open door and refuses to let go. Then states aliens would abduct me BLAH blah. Shes holding me. I’m standing up leaning over door and we just watch this silent monstrosity continue to creep over the treeline out of sight. No sound, nothing. Sis starts the car back up ( she cut it off when she stopped in middle of road) and we go to her friends house and tell them the story. We both saw it. It was real. No hallucinations, no swamp gas. I will never say it was alien, because I have no proof. It is just as likely to be top secret government tech in my opinion. I think it is unlikely we are alone in the universe, but I refuse to go there without evidence. What I can say is we saw a giant triangular craft move right over the tree tops with no sound. It was close enough to hit with a rock, so trust me in that it was no mirrage or distortion of perception. It was not using conventional propulsion technology, no air thrusts, but it was afloat. I observed no aliens, green men, loss of time, etc… but it was truly amazing to behold. I know EM drives are real, or some advanced technology, and that in itself amazing enough to me.**

Comment #4

Wow, that described exactly what I saw when I was a kid.  My family was at a hunting cabin in the boonies of PA at a friend’s wedding reception.  The cabin was situated in a small clearing in the forest.  It was pitch black out except for the bonfire.  All of a sudden all the woodsy sounds stopped.  No crickets, no birds, no bullfrogs.  The adults were all drunk and carrying on but we kids noticed immediately.  The night was suddenly silent except for the rustling of the tree tops.  I can’t explain it but, something I couldn’t readily identify was coming over the tree tops into the clearing and it was moving SLOW and it was BIG.  It was way too slow and way too low to be a plane.  It had 3 lights at the back and we could just make out a massive triangular shape.  It was a black that made the night sky above it seem lighter. ** It didn’t make any noise at all which freaked me out. I think there were 4 or 5 of us kids and we had been playing a little ways away from the fire.  Well, once we saw it, you better believe we hauled ass to the adults pointing to the sky and yelling.  I was scared.  The adults thought we were just being dramatic but when my mom looked up, she saw it.  Then everyone saw it.  It couldn’t have been more than a hundred feet above the tree tops and the tree tops were moving like a tornado was coming through but, on the ground, it was really still.  As we watched, it turned above the clearing then blasted out of view without a sound.  As soon as it was gone the crickets started chirping again.  My family had planned to stay the night at the cabin but we didn’t.  I must have been 9 or 10 at the time but I’ve never forgotten it or the way I felt seeing it.  The whole thing lasted maybe a few minutes but I had such a terrible feeling of dread in my stomach.  I haven’t ever felt fear like that since.  My mom and I still talk about it sometimes.  Scary stuff.**

From these comments, we can draw a few conclusions.

  • The aircraft in question was extremely black.
  • The aircraft was large and triangular in shape, and possessed multiple lights.
  • The aircraft was silent.
  • The aircraft flew close to the ground, making it obviously visible.

Another interesting point is that the majority of the commenters who saw this particular spacecraft were in their early teens. My cousin and I were 15. My brother was 13. Why did this spacecraft make itself visible to young humans?

Here’s another interesting comment.

Their researchers conclude that most, if not all, “black triangle” UFOs are formations of electrical plasma, the interaction of which creates mysterious energy fields that both refract light and produce vivid hallucinations in witnesses that are in close proximity.

This is actually pretty significant, and a little creepy to read now.

We ended up giving this spacecraft a name. We called it T4, but I don’t remember how we decided on the name. After the initial flyby, we ended up seeing multiple T4s circling the sky over a period of one or two weeks. This part is the strangest to me. I’ve discussed this incident with my brother and cousin many times. We’ve come to the conclusion that our memories during those one or two weeks are fuzzy at best.

It’s not that we don’t remember it. We clearly do. It’s more like we feel we were programmed to not think of extraterrestrial aircrafts circling the skies as a “big deal”. For some reason, all three of us went on with our lives like normal without saying anything until the T4s stopped showing up one day. It’s almost like we were our brains were programmed or in some sort of trance state.

Another interesting point I want to bring up is that none of our parents were around for the initial close encounter. Thinking back, it feels like the three of us were all alone during this sighting. How is that even possible? I know for a fact my parents were home that day. Why didn’t we immediately scream for them? How didn’t they see us run outside like crazy people? Once again, this aircraft seems to have a trend of showing itself to kids. Were the adults programmed to stay away?

Very weird stuff.