In 2021, WordPress site performance is at an all-time-low. As themes, plugins, and images get larger, your WordPress site gets slower. Now is the time to stop getting WordPress optimization tips from random strangers on Facebook. Let me help you take your WordPress site’s performance to the next level.

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Google will start factoring Core Web Vitals into search engine results in 2021. Core Web Vitals is comprised of three confusing terms – LCP, FID, and CLS. If you have no idea what these three web performance terms mean, no problem. I do, and I can help you get your WordPress site up to speed.

A perfect score on Google Pagespeed Insights for has a perfect Core Web Vitals score – that's not an accident.

Why Should You Trust Me?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of WordPress optimization and maintenance services out there. Most of them are bad, some of them are good, and very few are great. The main reason why most WordPress optimization services are bad is simply the lack of real world experience.

I’ve been in the WordPress space for over 10 years. Currently, I work at Kinsta where I live and breathe WordPress performance everyday. On the side, I enjoy experimenting with the latest web performance technologies on

Page speed is only going to get more important over the coming years. Don’t get left behind and risk your traffic, sales, and success.

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I hired Brian Li to help me make my website faster. I had previously engaged three different people. We weren’t able to get my PSI (PageSpeed Insights) above 50 or 60. Within minutes, Brian was able to diagnose and troubleshoot things holding me back. He proposed great solutions and helped me see immediate, positive results.

I’m already hiring him again for another call. I saw results immediately and now my website is faster than ever!

- Nick Gray (

Brian is beyond exceptional in every regard: knowledge, attentiveness, thoroughness, responsiveness, very fee competitive, and more. Brian make the entire process of transferring and upgrading my WPEngine-hosted WordPress site to Kinsta and also incorporating Cloudfare (+APO) an absolute lights-out breeze. He made the entire process, even steps I needed to do an absolute breeze. Moreover, upfront, he did his homework proactively to explain the pros/cons, risks/benefits of my current provider vs. migrating to a better hosting environment that is not only faster, but more in line with today’s modern technology as things have changed since my site was built 7+ years ago.

- Chris Olsen (

When I needed help making changes to my WordPress site to follow SEO best-practices, I reached out to Brian who was quick, professional, and understood what I wanted to achieve with my site.

I highly recommend trusting your WordPress site to Brian and plan on using his services for my own site in the future.

- Andrea Zoellner (

Simple No-Frills Pricing

Check out my WordPress optimization and maintenance packages below, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

1:1 Consultation ($200)

Let’s jump on a video call and go through your WordPress site’s performance issues. Afterward, I’ll prepare a report with specific recommendations on how to improve your page speed. This package is perfect for those who prefer the DIY route with some professional guidance to get things started.

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1:1 Consultation and Optimization ($100/hr)

After a video call to go through the performance issues affecting your WordPress site, I’ll get to work on optimizing your site. Here’s a small, and by no means complete, list of things I’ll investigate on your WordPress site. This package has a $200 minimum charge – $100 for the initial consultation, and $100 for the first hour of optimization.

  • Is your WordPress host throttling you?
  • CSS, JS, and image optimization.
  • Quality of your CDN provider.
  • Slow database queries and AJAX calls.
  • Your caching configuration (page, browser, edge, etc.).

Following the optimization of your WordPress site, I promise you’ll have a faster-loading site. If not, I’ll provide you with a full refund.

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Custom Maintenance and Optimization Packages

If you’re looking for an ongoing or long-term WordPress maintenance and optimization package with a focus on personalized service, please reach out and we can discuss the specifics further.

Additional Testimonials

Here a few more testimonials from my WordPress optimization clients.

Brian also showed me (on the vendor’s website) the details of the hardware/service plans, showing what I was receiving (both environment and hardware) with my current hosting environment vs. his proposed environment. If that weren’t enough, Brian went the extra mile with proof of having a 3rd-party concretely show all the performance gains, before and after by migrating to this new plan. If that weren’t enough, he also found some Javascript in my site that was causing my site to not nearly perform as well as it should, so I had my existing WordPress developer fix this and they didn’t fix it correctly the first time, so Brian ensured from a functional/performance standpoint, that this issue was truly addressed, something I would not have known.

When I also asked him about several technical deficits my site had which could be improved upon to gain even more performance, Brian’s experience really came into play and he recommended against doing it as the cost/benefit didn’t make sense and those $ would be better utilized with a future site upgrade. Brian never once tried to upsell me, something I knew instantly that Brian was not only technically competent, but honest – a hard combo to find.

The icing on the cake was he made the whole experience absolutely seamless, paint-by-numbers, and pleasant. There were enough steps involved, that even someone like me with a technical background (B.S. Computer Science) would have spent weeks trying to figure out and I would have made bad choices, probably made things worse and then had to hire someone anyway.

He made the entire process feel like a complete, immersive, 5-star experience from start to finish. He was always 100% punctual, responsive. He said what he was going to do next and when. He gave me exact instructions for things I needed to do. Brian is a true gem, something I knew instantly from our very first Google Meet video call. Any future work I need done, I am heading back to Brian.

- Chris Olsen (

I was struggling with a cache issue that caused my website to be nearly unusable. This problem had plagued me for months: it would only show up sometimes, but enough that I knew hundreds of users were seeing it. I pulled out my hair trying to troubleshoot it. But within minutes, Brian Li had correctly diagnosed what was causing it. In a few more minutes, he fixed it- perfectly and forever. I’m already planning to schedule another call. He’s worth every penny.

- Nick Gray (