Substratum discusses team expansion, infrastructure scaling, and Bittrex listing →

January 6, 2019

Jason Burns for Substratum:

Your contributions have enabled us to scale our teams, so that we can move rapidly and scale up to our private beta in December and our first production version in January. Now, we are bringing on some awesome people. We’re bringing on additional software developers and high end cryptographers to assist us as we go forward.

Since the conclusion of its $13 million ICO, Substratum has expanded its team to 27 full-time members — good news. Unfortunately, the statement regarding the private beta in December and first production version in January turned out to be lies. It’s now January 2019, and the production version of SubstratumNode is still nowhere to be seen.

Hopefully you saw the news yesterday that we released. We received a $5 million investment from a partner company and we are using this money to scale our infrastructure of supernodes. Now this will ensure that on day one, the Substratum network will be lightning fast. I know that’s a huge deal. And it will only improve as nodes continue to grow on each of your machines.

I assume this statement refers to the $5 million investment from Render Payment. This money was supposed to be used to scale Substratum’s network infrastructure to give its network a decent level of baseline operation around the world. Since this announcement, Substratum has not given an update regarding the status of their network infrastructure upgrades.

Our top target is still Bittres and that will happen. However in the interim, we are working to launch on Binance, Liquid, and Huobi.

When Bittrex?


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