The weather over here in Massachusetts was super nice today, so I clocked out half an hour early to get some Vitamin D outside with Ayaka and J. One thing I’ve struggled with lately is getting creative with my camera. Part of me feels guilty because I acquired a Leica Q2 a few months ago, and have only used it a handful of times since. Back in Tokyo, there were always interesting things to capture around the city. Now that we’re taking shelter in an American suburb, finding subjects to photograph can be difficult.

With that said, I was able to get some good shots outside today. Now that the weather nicer, I’m going to try to bring my camera with me when we go on our daily walks. Small towns can be boring, but maybe there’s some excitement in capturing mundane subjects. Deep.

Anyway, it’s hard to believe J is already walking running around. Recently he started stepping on manhole covers and clapping afterward.

We took him out in his YOYO stroller today. It’s not quite as fancy as his first Air Buggy stroller, but it’s a lot more travel-friendly.

J loves pushing his stroller around too. Maybe he’s secretly training to push his little sister or brother someday. Speaking of that, I can’t imagine taking care of more than one child during these difficult times. My family members, friends, and colleagues who somehow manage with multiple children are superheroes.

That’s it for today. Stay safe and good night!