Not being able to see your music properly is a terrible feeling. Don’t let that happen on your next gig! Below are three stand lights that offer the best combination of features and value at their respective price points.

Donner DL-2 Clip On Music Light

The Donner DL-2 clip on stand light is a solid option if you’re on a tight budget. The DL-2 features four LED lights split between two fully adjustable gooseneck arms. The Donner DL-2 has two brightness settings, and can be powered by three AAA batteries, USB power, or an AC adapter.

Mighty Bright Orchestra Light

The Mighty Bright Orchestra Light features a nine LED lamp with a fully adjustable gooseneck. The LEDs, adjustable between two brightness settings, are rated up to 100,000 hours, and the stand light can be powered by three AA batteries or the included AC power adapter. The Mighty Bright Orchestra Light also ships with a padded carrying case.

Aria Brio R1 Music Stand Light

Not only is the Aria Brio R1 the best functioning stand light in the world, it’s also the best looking. The Brio R1 has been designed to blend in seamlessly with your music stand. With its super bright and fully dimmable LEDs, the R1 lights two pages of music evenly from top to bottom. Lastly, the Brio R1 features a rechargeable battery for cordless usage, and the power saving LEDs are rated up to 100,000 hours.