To be honest, I had never heard the term “marginalization” in real life prior to 2020. Nowadays, it appears to be the woke left’s catch-all phrase to describe non-white males. Even worse, marginalization has evolved into the default excuse or explanation for when a non-white male experiences a non-ideal outcome. I understand the appeal, especially in the current political climate. In a society that prioritizes subjective wokeness over objective reality, it’s easy to blame a poor outcome on marginalization instead of digging deeper.

As a father, one of my biggest fears is my children growing up in a world where a significant portion of the population truly believes the world is rigged against non-white males. I’ve personally experienced this hypocritical and somewhat paradoxical concept myself. In a conversation I had with a woke individual (white female), she asked me what it’s like to be a marginalized member of society – fully expecting me to rant about the rigged system. When I revealed to her that I’ve never felt marginalized in my near-three decades of existence, she responded with, “Oh, that makes sense actually. You grew up in America, so you’re pretty much white.”

This encounter proves why marginalization is societal poison. Think deeply about what happened here. The woke leftist has this general and malleable concept of marginalization in mind. In this case, she assumed I was marginalized because I’m Asian. Once I informed her that I’ve never felt marginalized, she quickly shifted the marginalization qualification threshold to exclude “Asians who grow up in America” by qualifying me as “white”. This is precisely why I don’t believe marginalization is real. What is marginalization, really, if it can be freely twisted to project one’s opinion of what’s “right” through arbitrary thresholds of inclusion and exclusion?

I’ve never been marginalized, but I’ve certainly been bullied in life. In my first two years of elementary school in America, I was bullied because I couldn’t speak English very well. I experienced a few cases of racism in college, and I was even sexually assaulted and beat up by two black guys on the way to the post office. These experiences sucked big time, especially the sexual assault thing. If I were less disciplined, I’d probably blame these events on marginalization to score woke points. However, I am disciplined, and refuse to blame these individual and explainable events on marginalization.

The most disturbing aspect of marginalization is its potential effects on future generations. Based on the current political climate, it’s reasonable to conclude that my son’s generation may not have the opportunity to grow up in a world that prioritizes and celebrates the success of the individual over the accumulation of woke points via provocative label-frenzied groupthink. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a world where I was never told by my parents, teachers, and leaders that the world is somehow rigged against me by default because of skin color, race, or sexual orientation.

As a father, I will never purposefully handicap my children by telling them they are marginalized individuals. If you’re a parent who indoctrinates your kids with these kinds of thoughts, shame on you. Kids are infinitely malleable, and raising them to believe they are inferior by default as a result of an undefined subjective term is borderline child abuse. Ironically, indoctrinating children with thoughts about marginalization will accomplish nothing but transform marginalization from an idea into an actual oppressive force with real-world consequences – it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Imagine a world in the future where a significant portion of the population was ingrained with thoughts like “the world is against me because I’m a non-white male” or “I’m not good enough because I’m black” or “I didn’t get the job because the company is racist, and not because I’m totally under-qualified”. In a society that accepts marginalization as a blanket excuse enforced by weaponized cancel culture and leftist groupthink, meaningful traits like work ethic, discipline, and responsibility will be thrown out because there will no longer be an incentive to work hard and be better.

Marginalization. It’s a demonstration of woke privilege, and nothing more.