What’s New in MainStage 3.1

January 22, 2015

Apple released MainStage 3.1 today, a substantial update bringing tons of new patches, an auto-sampling plugin based on the Redmatica AutoSampler engine, a new Yosemite-inspired icon, and tons of small tweaks and fixes. Here’s a brief look at what’s new in MainStage 3.1

Auto Sampler

Apple acquired Redmatica and the awesome AutoSampler app a few years ago. They’ve finally done something with it, and now there’s a new AU plugin called Auto Sampler in MainStage 3.1 and Logic Pro X 10.1. It lets you easily sample hardware and software instruments at various velocity layers, and the plugin can even find the best loop points for you. While the inclusion of Auto Sampler is ultimately very exciting, it’s also quite limiting.

Customized Key Commands

Perhaps the most exciting feature in MainStage 3.1 is the new key command menu. Here, you can create customized key commands to perform a variety of functions. This will be a huge timesaver for MainStage power users.

Organize Your Plugins

The plugin manager now lets you create categories to organize plugins. This means you no longer have to go digging through multiple nested menus to find third-party plugins!
Here’s a complete list of smaller updates in MainStage 3.1…
New Features and Enhancements

  • Redesigned Compressor plug-in with scalable, Retina-ready interface and a new compressor model.
  • Retro Synth can now create wavetables from imported audio and is able to stack up to 8 voices.
  • The Plug-in Manager now allows you to customize the organization of your menu.
  • Expanded sound library includes over 200 new synth patches and 10 Mellotron instruments.
  • New Auto Sampler plug-in converts hardware synthesizers into sampled instruments.
  • Custom shortcuts can be assigned and managed using the new Key Command editor.
  • It is now possible to copy and paste ranges in the layer editor.


  • MainStage no longer quits unexpectedly when selecting all patches.


  • MainStage no longer drops out of Full Screen Performance mode when you use a KVM switch to change the display to another computer.
  • When moving the MainStage window from a 4K display to another display, the window width now properly adjusts to the new display size.
  • Mouse clicks in a plug-in window are no longer passed through to the Patch Browser in Performance mode.
  • Window positions are now properly recalled when opening a saved concert.
  • Parameter text fields are now displayed correctly when the first patch or set is skipped.
  • Text in the Graph Editor now renders properly when the window is resized.


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