Yet Another Stars Rating WordPress Plugin Review

December 3, 2014

Yet Another Stars Rating, or YASR for short, is a ratings plugin for WordPress. It lets you incorporate schema rating data, which means your Google searches can look something like this.


After trying out a bunch of different plugins including Rating-Widget and All in One Schema, I found that YASR offered the best combination of functionality and ease of use. Configuring YASR’s settings is really simple. Just go into the settings menu created after installation, and you’ll be presented with a few customizable options.

  • Auto Insert Options — this lets you automatically insert YASR ratings into every post. Configurable options include where to place the stars, the size of the stars, what kind of ratings to display, and page exclusion.
  • Show Overall Rating in Home Page — if this is enabled, ratings will also display in pages like Home Page, category pages or archives.
  • Show Visitor Votes in Archive Page — if this is enabled, votes will also display in pages like Home Page, category pages or archives.
  • Insert Custom Text — this lets you put custom text next to the star display. I have “Rating” displaying before overall ratings.
  • Show Stats for Visitor Votes — toggles visitor votes display on or off.
  • Light vs. Dark Theme
  • Voting Permissions — lets you specify whether someone needs to be logged in to vote.
  • Rich Snippets Style — review rating vs aggregate rating.
  • Stars vs. Numbers of overall rating.

Since my site isn’t strictly a review-only site, I didn’t want the ratings to display on every page. Luckily, YASR has shortcode compatibility, which means it’s possible to put the rating display wherever you want. Whenever I do a review, I just stick the shortcode at the end of the post.

After installing YASR, a dialog box to specify rating appears in the top right corner of the post editing window. All you have to do is assign a rating to the post, and it’ll automatically display wherever the shortcode appears. If auto-insert is enabled, then the ratings will appear wherever you set them to. The best thing about about YASR is that it supports fractional values. Some plugins only allow whole numbers, but YASR lets you assign ratings in .1 increments.

YASR lets visitors vote through aggregate ratings. If that feature is enabled, another sets of stars will be displayed which displays the average visitor rating. I currently don’t have a need for this feature, so I have it disabled. A popular implementation for aggregate ratings is on business websites, where users can rate their experiences. The aggregate rating will then be displayed with the total number of voters when the business’ website appears on Google.

While the free version of YASR should satisfy the needs of most users, there is also a pro version which has few cool features including custom themes and category filters. For more information on the differences between the standard and pro versions, click here.

After configuring YASR for your website, use the Google Structured Data Testing Tool to check if ratings appear in searches. If it does, you’re all set. The ratings should show on Google whenever your site is re-crawled.

Whether you’re a review blogger who wants ratings to show up in Google, or a business who wants user ratings to appear in searches, Yet Another Stars Rating is the perfect plugin for your WordPress site. It’s super easy to set up, and it just works.


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