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Tokyo, JP

This is my personal blog. I also write about travel on IKIMASHOU! and blockchain on decrypto.

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Matcha Latte Heaven

I’ve visited Japan maybe fifteen times in the past year and a half, but the award for best matcha latte goes to Ogawa Coffee in Boston. Apparently there’s also a location in Kyoto, Japan. I’ll have to go there next time I find myself in Kyoto, Anyway, check this place out if you happen to be in the area. You won’t be disappointed.


I have to admit I’ve had a hot dog from Fred’s Franks and an iced matcha latte from Ogawa Coffee almost everyday the week.

In my defense, I probably won’t be in Boston again for the rest of the year.

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Our Dream Apartment

Ayaka and I found our dream apartment in Tokyo.


Concrete, glass, and wood. My favorite materials.

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Blue Whale is interesting…

As a freelancer whose also interested in blockchain, Blue Whale seriously peaked my interest. Here are my initial thoughts over at decrypto.

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Is life just a simulation?

Every so often, I get the urge to play The Sims, and this is usually followed by a few minutes of existential crisis.

Is life just a simulation?

We, the human race, have created video games that simulate and reflect our own lives. Do the characters in our games know we exist? What’s the ratio of intelligence between us and the characters we create in The Sims? Does the same ratio exist between us and the beings controlling us?

I don’t know, but here’s an entertaining video on the subject.

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My New Home

Since I quit my job last November, I’ve been searching for a new home - both physically and digitally. As of last week (it’s now May), I signed a lease for an apartment in Tokyo. Now I think I’ve finally figured out how to structure my online footprint.

I enjoy writing about a variety of topics including travel, photography, music technology, and most recently blockchain and cryptocurrency. In the past, I kept all my writing under one umbrella - When I started taking blogging a little more seriously at the beginning of this year, I realized this strategy was unsustainable. Logistically, only having to manage one blog was great for me, but I knew the experience of reading my blog was confusing for my readers.

The first step I took was moving all of my music technology content to 441K. I decided to use a Medium publication with a custom domain for this particular blog...

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