Just succeeded in Hosting my own Website through The Substratum Network! @SubstratumNet #NetNeutrality #Cryptocurrency #substratum

Bastiaan007 is an official Substratum ambassador who’s created a number or videos showing SubstratumNode “bypassing” state-level firewalls around the world. In this latest screenshot, Bastiaan007 shows a website, substratum.sub, being hosted on the Substratum network. This moment is truly magical because the Substratum network isn’t even live yet.

Jokes aside, I suspect what Bastiaan007 actually demonstrated is a DNS exploit to mirror Substratum’s official website on a different domain. This is completely different from “hosting” a website. The Substratum team should probably clarify this lie from Bastiaan007, but I suspect they won’t since it can be classified as “price-positive” shilling. Last I checked, SUB was approaching $0.04, so they definitely need all the shilling they can get.

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