According to a screenshot shared in a Reddit post by u/vdjalov, Exodus, one of the most popular desktop cryptocurrency wallets, has removed support for Substratum’s SUB token. Substratum community member @BitcoinHeinze was able to get a detailed explanation regarding the removal from a member of Exodus’ support team. Exodus’ full response can be found below, but here are a few key points to take away.

  • Exodus fully expected to continue supporting SUB following its recent smart contract update.
  • The Substratum team was unable to maintain a consistent level of communication to ensure a smooth implementation of the new token into Exodus’ cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Exodus deemed SUB’s updated token as “a buggy asset to manage”.
  • SUB holders who have tokens locked away for the AMPX airdrop should NOT send them anywhere. Exodus does not control your private key, so just import the key into another wallet that supports the updated SUB token like MyEtherWallet.

Here is Exodus’ full response to @BitcoinHeinze.

Hey Markus, Thank you for reaching out to us with your question. I’m glad to hear Exodus is your favorite wallet! Allow me to give you more background on this: SUB has been on Exodus for a long time now, they did indeed change their smart contract address recently; our original intention was to simply upgrade the contract and keep SUB as a supported asset. Unfortunately, the smart contract change did not go as smoothly as we expected and SUB is now a buggy asset to manage. We have extremely high-quality standards and we cannot allow an asset to cause significant damage to user-experience. It is for this reason that we have decided to delist SUB from Exodus on the next release. This is not a decision we ever take lightly and it truly breaks our heart whenever we have taken this step in the past, but we think this is the right decision to make. Those who were simply holding SUB in Exodus and not interacting with it much would likely not have noticed any difference in their experience while using Exodus. However, users who were using the Exodus built-in exchange to trade SUB, those sending and receiving SUB, or even customers who wanted to audit their balance were experiencing issues that compromised their ability to seamlessly use Exodus to manage their tokens. This is unacceptable and we take responsibility for not taking action much sooner. We try our best to work with asset teams to resolve any issues. In this case, without consistent communication or a solid fix from the SUB team, we had to come up with a temporary solution so you can move your SUB tokens out from Exodus. We advise you to move your SUB tokens out of Exodus before February 14th since it will no longer display in your wallet. Something very important I need to communicate is that Exodus as a company does have any control over your assets, and our decisions as a company can only impact the design of our Graphical Interface, and never your assets. This means the delisting SUB will only make it invisible within your Exodus wallet, but it will still be there, on your address and subject to management using your private key. Some people have brought to our attention that SUB is planning to launch an airdrop for people that hold their SUB on their current addresses until late March. If you want to benefit from this airdrop, you can safely leave SUB on your Exodus wallet and move it later using a Technical Ethereum Wallet to access your address via your private key, we will always be here to guide you on that 🙂 I hope this will help explain the situation and our decisions. Please let me know if you have any followup questions.

All my best,

A few key points.

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