Brad Edward Wolfe (707bwolf):

Btw the original reddit post is by William McKenzie who is a known white nationalist neo-nazi based out of an Aryan nation chapter in Kentucky and he actually got this article from Brian Li who is a known pedophile that had a baby with an underage girl in Japan but apparently 13 year old girls are legal in Japan.

In this Reddit comment, Brad Edward Wolfe, a California-based bagholder of SUB and former Substratum Telegram admin, once again demonstrates why the Substratum community is often thought of as one of the worst in the industry. In response to factual information about Substratum removing the team page from its website (an exceedingly stupid decision from CIO Abram Cookson), Wolfe resorted to personal attacks against me and William. Let’s debunk Wolfe’s claims.

  • William McKenzie is not a “white nationalist” or “neo-nazi”. He’s actually a very friendly guy, and I (an Asian person) talk to him on a daily basis, and have never sensed any ethnically-inspired hate from him. Furthermore, he’s not based in Kentucky.
  • I am not a known pedophile, and I’m also not an unknown pedophile either. Unlike Wolfe, I have no criminal record, and my wife, whom I had a baby with, is older than me. Since I am in my mid-twenties, it’s impossible for my wife to be “underage”. That’s how the concept of time works – a concept that is apparently too advanced for Wolfe’s toddler-level IQ.

Despite Wolfe’s defamatory statements, I do not harbor any negative feelings towards him. On the contrary, I actually routinely worry about the state of his mental health. Holding a shitcoin like SUB from $3 (high volume) down to $0.01 (negligible volume) is no easy feat, and this is especially true for someone like Wolfe with a big bag of SUB. Brad Edward Wolfe, if you read this, I hope it inspires you to dump your nearly-worthless bag of SUB to seek the assistance of a licensed therapist – it may end up being the best investment you ever make because financial investments are obviously not your forte. P.S. If you have any life advice for Mr. Wolfe, you can reach him at @ToddMeow on Telegram. I’m sure he would appreciate it.

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