Thoughts on Substratum Community Management

Over the past year, Substratum’s form of community management has been continuously criticized for being too aggressive and “ban-happy”. In addition to a number of long-time Substratum supporters, I was also recently banned for expressing concern about the upcoming AMPX ICO — Substratum’s second public fundraiser.

A community that actively silences people with different perspectives is just an echo chamber of positivity that quickly spirals into an alternate reality, and that’s exactly what we see in the case of Substratum’s Telegram channel. Instead of instilling a sense of unbiased discipline into Substratum’s community moderators, CEO Justin Tabb actively calls for banning of community members’ “asses” when they are not in agreement with the community’s approved narrative.

Below are screenshots of Justin Tabb chatting with community members about my response to @StevenSlicer who tagged @cz_binance and @binance in this tweet. Since Twitter’s default reply behavior includes everyone mentioned in the original tweet, my response automatically tagged CZ and Binance. However, Justin Tabb insists that I am the one who is calling for SUB to be delisted from Binance, when in fact I was merely agreeing with someone else’s opinion. Additionally, the tweet I was responding to didn’t mention delisting on Binance. Later in the conversation, Tabb provides detailed instructions to his moderator by saying “ban his ass”. In this moment, the CEO of a project attempting to fight Internet censorship has instructed his follower to censor someone’s ass for having an inconvenient opinion. The irony is hilarious.

My thanks to @hodler_krypto for sharing these screenshots from a Telegram channel with Substratum executives and community moderators.

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