I’m exhausted, but I just wanted to write a quick weekend recap before bed. Like I said yesterday, I tried to drop everything and take a break this weekend. While I did write a blog post for Tezos Commons this morning, I’m going to call it a success because I didn’t work on anything else.

Today was another beautiful day, so we decided to go to Lake Quannapowitt to have a little picnic. I brought my Leica Q2 with me, and was able to get a few nice shots. I seriously can’t wait to go back to Tokyo to put the camera to good use.

A sunny day by the lake.

We drove by Bagel World in Reading, MA on our way to Burger King for lunch last week. Yeah, I know fast food is terrible and isn’t really “food”, but Ayaka and I were both craving Burger King so what were we supposed to do? Anyway, she also wanted to try Bagel World, so we did that today. It was pretty good.

A picnic with bagels from Bagel World.

The playground by the lake recently opened back up, so we let J play on the swing for a little while. He really enjoyed it, but we didn’t stay for long because most of the parents there weren’t wearing masks. I just don’t understand why it’s so difficult for adults in America to follow rules and wear masks, especially at the playground where there are parents and kids running around.

Baby J on a swing.

I’m glad I was able to relax this weekend. Last Thursday, we found out that JAL cancelled our flight back to Japan for the third time. We were supposed to go back to Japan in May, then June, then July. Now, we have no idea when we’ll be able to go back. If JAL cancels the BOS-NRT for August, we’ll probably try to drive to New York and take the JFK-HND flight. Just thinking about that makes me stressed out, so I should stop now.

Good night!