It was really nice out this evening, so Ayaka and I went on a short walk after dinner. I don’t remember the last time we went out walking alone at night, but it was probably back in Japan last year.

I love capturing quaint scenes in suburban Massahusetts – there’s something very still and peaceful about it. It’s very hard to stumble upon that vibe in Tokyo. I’ve been testing out film presets from RNI lately, and I really like them. I used the Kodak E200 preset as a starting point for the Leica Q2 images below.

An apartment building. Image captured with a Leica Q2.

My old flute teacher lives on this street, so I used to walk here every week. I just got back into playing flute again, so the walk felt a little nostalgic today.

Houses in a suburban neighborhood in Massachusetts. Image captured with a Leica Q2

I really like the contrast between the yellow and the blue on this E200 preset.

A bulldozer in a parking lot. Image captured with a Leica Q2

This weekend went by super quickly. Tomorrow is the start of another week! I’m looking forward to it because I’ll be presenting my first Kinsta webinar this week.

Sunset over a lake in Massachusetts. Image captured with a Leica Q2.

Good night, and stay safe!